Whether it’s manufacturing, retail, or logistics, all industries face pressure to reduce cost. RFID enables companies to meet the market need through better management and visibility of goods people and processes to reduce the cost.RFID can help all types of industries and sub-industries, it is important to assess how it will work in your unique environment.

Drive sales, improve operations, and delight customers

Retailers use the Impinj platform to optimize store operations, improve inventory availability, develop seamless shopping experiences, and collect valuable analytics that drive informed business decisions.

Deliver high-quality care more efficiently

Healthcare and life sciences organizations use the Impinj platform to streamline asset tracking, eliminate loss, improve supply management, enhance patient experiences, and drive better outcomes.

Industrial Manufacturing
Automate processes and enable M2M communications

Manufacturers and producers use the Impinj platform to streamline automated processes and maximize operational efficiency.

Hospitality, Food & Beverage
Delight customers and streamline service

The hospitality, food and beverage industry uses the Impinj platform to improve efficiencies and deliver excellent customer service.

Air Transportation
Accurately manage equipment and passenger luggage

Impinj helps airlines and airports around the world improve customer service and operational efficiencies with accurate, real-time data about luggage, equipment, and more.

Supplay Chain & Logistics
Streamline operations and eliminate errors

Supply chain and logistics organizations use the Impinj platform to keep goods moving and operations informed with accurate, automated, and error-free management.